De Prado

De Prado is a family business that finds its roots in our own harvest,

in the know-how of our team, in our commitment to the environment and social progress, and in a sane balance between the traditional values we have inherited and the technological innovation.

As far back as in the year 1831 our family would grow olive trees in Baena, in the heat of Andalusia, one of the great and and noble birthplaces of exquisite quality olive oil.

In the year 2000 we returned to Portugal

country where, we were always told, we had our real origin – with this magnificent land of Alentejo: an ideal setting to grow our olive trees, symbols of the rich Mediterranean culture.

And in 2013 we expanded our business to include the marketing of table olives and pickled vegetables 

by integrating the companyTepesa, in Seville, world centre of fine table olives.

In 2015: we inaugurated a commercial office and a logistics warehouse in the USA

a strategic market for the De Prado company group.

And in that same year we acquired an olive grove and a mill in Chile

so that we could provide "fresh olive oil" throughout the year to our bulk customers and own brand packaging.

Today we grow a real sea of olive trees with the utmost care. It’s 5.000 hectares in Spain, Portugal and Chile.

We love nature and in all our agricultural chores we respect the natural environment. We have organic olive groves and “integrated production” olive groves.

70 Millions
We grind more than 70 million kilos of olives yearly, using the most advanced technologies and always under the expert watch of the mill master.

15 Millions
Our master cook cooks and prepares the brine for more than 15 million kilos of olives with an outstanding know-how.

1 Million
The packaging lines are automated and include the most modern thermal systems. We pack more than 1 million table olives and pickled vegetables packs per day.

+25 Countries

For the large consumption channel and catering of more than 25 countries in the 5 continents.

The table olives plant is also located in the field.

In all our processes we have and absolute traceability and an exhaustive model to ensure food safety.

And in our commitment for the balance of the environment, we manage the residues from the olive groves and the olives, produce biomass and cogeneration, and work for energy saving.

We are a very qualified team, specialized and highly motivated. We are, in fact, a large family.

Equipo directivo

José Luis de Prado Presidente
Francisco de Santiago Director General
David Castro Director Financiero
Rafael de Prado Director Agrícola
Víctor de Prado Director de Operaciones
Javier García Director de Industria
Antonio Molina Director de Control de Gestión
Pedro Lopes Director De Prado Portugal
Javier Díaz Director Comercial Aceituna de Mesa
Carmen De Prado Directora de Marketing, Imagen Corporativa y Envasado de Aceite

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