Use of cookies

De Prado Quality Foods S.L. might use cookies during the provision of the Portal services. The cookies are automatic procedures of information collection on the preferences set by a user during his visit to a determined webpage. This information is registered in small files that are kept in the computer equipment of the corresponding user in an unperceivable way. Every time the user returns to the website that set the cookie these files are automatically activated in such a way as to configure the website according to the preferences set in previous visits. Ultimately, the cookies are physical files of personal information that are kept in the user’s own computer and unequivocally associated with that computer. The cookies cannot read cookie files created by other suppliers.
The User has the possibility of configuring his browser in such a way that it prevents the creation of cookie files or is warned when such a file is about to be created. The Portal is accessible with no necessity of having the cookie files options activated, nonetheless, these options may prevent the proper functioning of the security mechanisms for exclusive services or certain services that require higher security. Generally, the purpose of the cookie files of the Portal is to make the browsing of the User easier.

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