Quality policy and objectives

The De Prado Quality Policy is set by the board and presents a commitment to sustainable development:

  1. In the satisfaction of the client and the consumer
  2. In the strict compliance with the current legislation and other applicable requisites
  3. In the Quality and Safety Guarantee of the products
  4. In the Environmental Responsibility
  5. In the ethics, social responsibility and the acknowledgment of our human capital
  6. In providing resources so that our goals are achieved
  7. In the constant improvement and prevention:
  • Of all processes and products.
  • Of the environmental impact of our operations and of environmental risks.
  • Of the safety, hygiene and health in the work space

Development and goals of the Policy


To ensure the necessary resources to establish, maintain and improve the Integrated Management System.

To ensure the operational efficiency, by guaranteeing an adequate management of the whole of the resources, promoting a culture focused on the market and the results.

To ensure the training, motivation and participation of all employees of the Company, promoting their personal and professional recognition, as well as their harmonious development within the Society, the Family and the Community.

To ensure the participation of all workers in achieving the goals and objectives defined for the Company, in what refers to Quality, Food Safety, Environment, Hygiene, Health and Safety in the work place.

To guarantee the human and material resources, and establish the adequate procedures for action in case of emergency, so as to ensure the safety of the people in the facilities, of the patrimony and minimizing the impact in the Environment.

Quality and Food Safety

To satisfy the needs and demands of the clients.

To establish ways of cooperating and/or associating with the suppliers, bearing in mind advances in what refers to Quality throughout the whole of the life cycle of the products.

To ensure the products and operations comply with good practices, the legislation and the applicable requisites.

To maintain and continuously improve our processes in order to ensure the quality and safety of our products.

To use the resources in order to ensure the Quality and Food Safety of our products, preventing, in particular through HACCP methodology, the risks of hazards or contaminations that might reach the consumer and affect the image of the brands.


To ensure the observance of the applicable environmental requisites, imposed by the Legislation and the Organization, and other requisites directly related to the environmental policies of the Organization.

To encourage the employees so that they are conscious of their responsibilities in preserving the environment. To promote training and practice of effective plans.

To promote the rational use of natural and energy resources, aiming at the Reduction of their consumption.

To openly cooperate with suppliers, clients, associates, authorities and general public in all aspects that might contribute to the spreading and promotion of good environmental practices.

To promote, in what concerns Residues Management and by order of priority, their Reduction, Reuse and Recycling.

To evaluate regularly and systematically the environmental impact of all operations so as to prevent, control and/or reduce contamination.

Hygiene, Health and Safety in the Work Place

To ensure the compliance with the requisites for Safety, Hygiene and Health in the Work Place, imposed by the Legislation and the Organization.

To constantly promote the improvement of the Safety, Hygiene and Health in the Work Place conditions and the communication at all levels of the Company. To involve all employees, service providers or others likewise involved with the purpose of reducing, in a continuous manner, the operational risks, and preventing accidents and professional illnesses or derived from the working environment.

To encourage workers so that they are conscious of their responsibilities towards the compliance with the observation of the practical rules of Safety, Hygiene and Health. To promote training and practice of effective plans.

To continuously promote the identification of hazards, risk evaluation and the application of control measures.

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